In today's business world every day we face challenge to stay ahead of the latest trends of competitive development of technology. Almost everyone has the access to the same technology but where it makes noticeable different is people who create the proper use of technology for specific clients business need.

We, EastWest Info Tech listen to our clients need and with our innovation we create right tools for them to manage their business and stay behind them as valuable partner for them to cope up with their ongoing ever changing technical need.

EastWest Info Tech came into IT consulting and training business in 2003 as Anan Corporation, since then it has been a Global Leading IT company.

Beginning of 2015 Anan Corporation decided re- structure the company and changes the company name to East West Information Technology and tailor made an innovative world class IT Training Program along with various mission critical IT consulting services.

Over the decade EastWest Info Tech helped hundreds of individual to land their job in Information Technology career world and achieve their dream.