The IT industry is in a state of constant evolution. Leaders in the information technology industry face significant pressure to develop innovative products and adaptive services. They must deploy new technologies to respond to demands for applications support, cloud computing, digital content, mobility and security initiatives. IT innovation must be continuous and allow companies to remain on the leading edge of product and services development.


EWIT provide all stages of the Quality Assurance Analysis service from creating end-to-end test plan, executing and managing them to ensure objective are met and that works as expected and . . .


As market forces change the way traditional business has been conducted, company's way of maintain, manage and secure their data resource are also changing. . .


With more than decade of experience in IT Industry EWIT System Analysis Service provide support to identify, understand and. . .


Software development is a compound of both Arts and Science. EastWest Info Tech finds the perfect balance between the two. . .


EastWest Info Tech focus on understanding each customer's unique staffing needs and meeting those needs. We utilize every resource, process and system to consistently exceed our customer's expectations. Our strength is our commitment to earn your trust every day. EWIT believe true success manifests itself in meaningful relationships that propel achievement, encouragement and pride. We work to build a relationship with you that make it possible for us to do whatever it takes to provide you with the best possible staffing needs. This approach to customer satisfaction makes us the professional services organization of choice for our customers.

We believe the entire system has to be quality driven. It is how we run our company. We provide seamless execution and delivery of our services. Our team is top rated; it has been given the right training, provided a nurturing and creative environment and is managed in an objective, metric based system. Our Quality process is based on our holistic approach that starts at the top and ends with great service.

Our Principle:

  • We address the increasing and changing needs of our customers through innovative programs and valued added services
  • We partner with our customers to provide mutual benefits
  • We provide the highest quality resources available in the market place
  • We treat our employees as customers, thus lead to satisfied employees who perform at the highest level and provide the highest quality serviced to our customers.