Business Accounting Software

This is a Stand Alone Accounting Software works directly from your PC and Local Area Network Environment in any given office / business directly from your local Chrome / Mozila Fire Fox Browser without going into internet. Businesses Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, all unpaid invoices, all expenses including payroll, financial information including Bank and petty cash accounting record.

Customer Database / Vendors database / Sales & Sales Returns. / Purchasing & Purchase Returns. / Inventory Report / A-C Receivable / A-C Payable / Journal / General Ledger / Trail Balance / Income Statement / Profit & Lose / Balance Sheet / Bank Account / Petty Cash / Sales tax Report.

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By Using e-Commerce, you can expand your business to national and international markets with smallest capital investment. As a company can easily locate more customers, best suppliers and suitable business partners across the globe. Our e-commerce improve your brand image of the company.

This e-Commerce helps to simplify the business processes and make it faster and efficient. You able to reduces paper work a lot through our e-commerce. Our low cost special e-Commerce increased the productivity of your company.

* Easy to use ecommerce store
* Fully customizable design as your need.
* Include standard features of e-commerce.
* Collect customer info(need, choice) through e-commerce integrated CRM
* Sell from e-commerce and local shops within same inventory by our e-commerce integrated POS.

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